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Together we improve the world with large solar parks

Solarfields is a full service renewable energy company. We feel the urgency to support the Netherlands in reaching its sustainability goals.  That is why we develop, finance, build and manage large solar parks. More renewable electricity production with less CO2 emissions, local support by having the local community participate in the development of the park and a stable income for the landowner.

Solarfields has been market leader in the Netherlands for large-scale solar projects since 2014. We develop, build and manage solar projects on ground, water and on large rooftops. We currently have installed over 450,000 solar modules at 12 solar parks, which are always managed by Solarfields services. We currently have another 150 solar projects under development, including projects on special locations such as dikes and carports. But we have raised the bar even further, which is a necessity to achieve our ambition: to provide around 1 million Dutch households with sustainable electricity by 2030. This is approximately 20% of the objective of the Dutch government.

Cooperation and collaboration

Cooperation and collaboration are key to achieving our goals of generating sustainable electricity. Since the foundation of Solarfields, we have set up various domestic and foreign partnerships to achieve our joint objectives. These partnerships are mainly focused on the construction, financing and management of our solar parks. In addition to independent realization, we also support other parties with our knowledge and advice. If you see any opportunities to work with us, we are happy to get in contact with you to discuss the possibilities.

We are proud of:

  • The realization of the largest Dutch solar park with 120.000 MWh
  • The realization of the first and largest solar thermal park in the Netherlands
  • Being the initiator of the largest ecological research on biodiversity at solar parks in the Netherlands
  • Our intensive cooperation and collaboration with over 25 partners in the energy sector
  • All 60 of our employees and their intrinsic motivation to make a difference
  • The realization of the largest solar dike of 7km in the Netherlands

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